Paul Kadri

Paul Kadri CT

An excerpt from the LinkedIN profile of Paul Kadri:

“The strength of a community and the Country is strongly affected by the health of businesses and education systems. Paul Kadri was one of the first individuals to recognize the synergies between the two sectors, while others solely focused on the profit/nonprofit differences. Aside from Education fueling Business and Business bringing relevance to Education, successes in both rely on individuals and systems. Optimizing individual potential while maintaining systems integrity, brings results at both a micro and macro level to both areas.

Paul is committed to strengthening these two sectors by helping individuals, from business owners to high school students, secure their optimal paths to success. This includes identifying the best system/process to amplify individual successes; thereby optimizing organizational or societal results. His exceptional experiences, vision, and creativity, when combined with his background in engineering, finance, education, assessment, HR, etc., make him uniquely qualified to positively impact this goal.”

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